BYD home battery system




By using the BYD home 2.56kWh battery system, it is possible to store the excess energy generated to bring down the need for mains power.

This storage system requires the HVS base unit to facilitate battery management, with one or two of the 2.56kWh segments, the 5.12kWh HVS module battery unit assembled together brings a standardized entry level sized storage facility to homes. In conjunction with the SMA sunny boy AC inverter, it is possible to have a high class battery home storage system.

BYD home storage battery pack allows the home owner to accumulate between 5.12 and 12.8 kwh as required. This can be increased as required by adding additional 2.56 storage compartments over time.

In the drop down we provide costs for the following items:

  • BYD base unit
  • 2.56kWh BYD battery module
  • 5.12kWh BYD battery module + base unit combined
  • 5.12kWh BYD battery module + base unit combined + SMA-AC storage inverter + all cables required