Campervan AC power kits

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Campervan AC power kitsComplete kit with 200Ah LI 12v battery + 2 x 160wp panels£4,695.00
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Campervan AC power kitsComplete kit with 2 x 230Ah AGM 12v batteries + 2 x 160wp panels£3,995.00
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Using our range of solar panels, we offer a mobile RV vehicle campervan AC power kits.

Prices of these kits are available in | 1 x panel | 2 x panels | 3 x panels | 4 x panel systems.

Take a look at the panel sizes or give us an idea of the roof space you have available.

We will then build a kit around those parameters.

Each kit will include all equipment needed to self assemble a van or similar vehicle with a 230v AC power train to run a 12v Victron inverter/charger @ 2000VA.

campervan AC power kits

The complete kit and panels are for DIY mounting and provide 230VAC to power RV domestic appliances, derived from auxiliary 12v battery bank in AGM or Lithium ion cells. The kit offer solar powered MPPT charge control to power auxiliary batteries when parked up. This kit also can charge batteries when on the move by using the DC-DC charger. If the batteries are used constantly while stationary the Inverter charger will provide a hookup to deliver a power source from mains to charge the battery bank, while using shore power to run any 230Vac equipment needed. The kit is supplied with appropriately sized DC battery cable lengths and PV extension cables. All connected though suitable links to the Cerbo GX connected to the Victron touch screen monitor.

All of these parts are warranted for 5 years,

Just advise your needs and Dragons Breath can deliver the RV vehicle campervan AC power kits to match.

We have put together two complete campervan AC power kits as an example in the drop down menu, this is to give you an idea of the value of complete kit from scratch. If you want to put together your own kits using the parts on this page then please create your own system. If you need assistance, we are please to help.