Multi-directional solar lighting

£1,185.00 (Exc. VAT) - £1,422.00 - Inc. Vat

Multi-directional solar lighting product is currently not available. We suggest using our alternative glass paneled DBS805


We provide a unique multi-directional car park solar lighting system for uses across the UK.
This is a full working as one unit, with the solar panel being variably adaptive to enable the panel to point south by easy management to obtain maximum solar gain at all times.

Multi-directional solar lighting

This car park solar lighting product sits onto 76mm diameter posts and can be installed within 30 minutes. It will then work continuously each day maximizing the output of LED luminaries from dusk until dawn. Designed and produced for the UK, this will bring illumination to locations that do not have main power available.
Working on a background illumination level until pedestrian or vehicular movement triggers the sensor. Illumination level will then rise to 100% for 1 minute or until outside the sensor area of 10m.

Car park solar lighting

An ideal product for locations where there may be uneven ground or vulnerable locations which when un-illuminated can create walking hazards.

Car park solar lighting multi-directional pre assembled units
Multi-directional pre assembled solar light

Contact us first, see video link to see how our solar car park lighting system works.

Dragons Breath Solar has the skills to provide individual bespoke Sun powered lanterns for uses in many different formats.

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