Caravan path lighting

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A well-designed caravan path lighting system for low
level walkway pedestrian illumination. Which will automatically illuminate at dusk
without any need for mains power @ low level to save battery. Increasing to 100% when
pedestrians are within 10m or close by. This product can sit on top of a 60mm diameter post or be affixed to a 60mm diameter arm.

DBS155 caravan solar path light PDF: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 155 small one piece solar lighting system  

DBS155 Specification data sheet:

Solar powered caravan path lighting, with the solar panels encased within the one-piece unit to capture all available sunlight in each place.

The energy is then stored in a lithium ion battery. This is designed to distribute the stored charge to illuminate the luminary at times when required.

A typical solar lighting system is made up from the following components: battery system, luminary, solar panel, control system and wiring.

When selecting a solar system.

Caravan path lighting

Customers should consider the height requirements, plus the luminosity of the LEDs. The quality of components used within the system, and the warranty of the products within the package.

We offer design experience and after sales backup. Our company should be able to provide a caravan path lighting system that is designed around local weather conditions to suit any location. We understand the requirements of needs in energy storage.

Dragons Breath has 20+ years’ experience in battery management and storage solutions have an output in lumens of up to 850lm, which will provide suitable path illumination.

DBS155 caravan pathway solar lighting system
This product will dramatically increase visibility for those dark areas without mains power connected lighting. Lights can be affixed to posts, ideal for self installations. The lights have 60 months warranty and are ready to run without any electrical knowledge needed.

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powered illumination | Caravan Park lighting | C
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