Column reducing sockets

From: £89.00 (Exc. VAT) - £106.80 - Inc. Vat



We offer column reducing sockets for street light lamp posts. The parts are used to allow smaller sized lighting sockets to be easily retro fitted to larger sized columns or posts.

Our range of reducing sockets are as follows:
  • 114mm to 100mm
  • 114mm to 89mm
  • 114mm to 76mm
  • 114mm to 60mm
  • 100mm to 89mm
  • 100mm to 76mm
  • 100mm to 60mm
  • 89mm to 76mm
  • 89mm to 60mm
  • 76 to 60mm
The reducing sockets are designed to slip over top of column. The outside diameter is then secured to existing post or columns with bespoke engineering retaining screws.
If you require a different sized reducing socket then please contact us by return email.