Communal Solar Street Lighting

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Dragons Breath Solar, DBS165M extra high performance top of column, multi-directional communal street light, for walkway and path lighting, a universal lighting system. For un-adopted areas or places that require a low level lighting. These systems can be retro fitted to existing columns or poles for discrete lighting.

DBS 165 PDF: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 165M multi-directional solar lighting system

The post can be put in a position where the light is pointed towards where it is needed, this avails areas where the solar panel can be positioned to point south, by rotating and fixing in place the high performance pv panel. This will deliver maximum solar gain for the LiFeP04 lithium ion battery system.

These multi-directional 76mm top of column fixings, are permanent LED solar lighting systems. They can be used in low lying floodplain areas or remote sensitive locations, where lighting can be adjusted to match individual prerequisites.
Each product is manufactured to our high standards.

If you have 89mm posts we can offer our 89 to 76mm post adaptors that will slot over the 89mm.

LED lights are offered at an affordable cost.

Communal solar street light  

The 10-15w high performance communal solar street lighting product is engineered to match local requirements by using a large capacity solar panel. LED’s are designed to provide high performance all year around. The BMS and li-ion battery is fixed at top of pole to stop any public interaction.

Battery systems are designed and manufactured to allow the benefit of 2,500 +
cycles of reliability built in (approximately 10 years design life).

Boundary lighting for sensitive remote floodplain areas across the UK

Communal solar street lighting

DBS165M solar lighting system information.

  • DBS165M is our multi-directional solar panel lighting system, used where one piece lighting is not considered suitable at location
  • 2 sizes are available at the bottom of this page is for DBS165M std or high multi-directional solar lighting system
  • We offer this product in good faith that it is intended for self installation
  • This specification uses a high powered solar panel for increased energy production
  • This sits on top of 76mm diameter posts or columns
  • Alternative is larger 89mm diameter post c/w 76mm adaptor
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