D Dome System

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D Dome 4 x panel flat roof system, allows the user to position 4 x solar panels back to back facing east to west on a flat roof.

Classic D dome system installation Video link 

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Solar panel D Dome system

flat roof fixing incorporating a dual multi axis solar panel assembly kit that conforms to wind loading calculations when using the K2 design software.

Please note.

  • When using this system on a flat roof, it is imperative that the slope is no more than 3°
  • You will also loose 600mm on four sides to remove turbulent air stream, which creates up-drafting.

Ideal for un-limited space flat roofs.

Ideally we would need to know the postcode for the installation, layout, modules dimensions, building height, roof covering material, parapet wall height, to deliver the correct holding accessories they would need as well as the basic kit.

Classic D dome system installation Video link

These kits are priced to use your own panel types.
We need to know the size of panels being used, plus frame color.
Kits have to be held in position using ballast of either sand bags or concrete blocks. If flat roof is over 5° inclination, then this has to be held in place using permanent fixtures.