DBS900 solar street lights

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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS901-single-115/89£1,446.00
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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS901-dual-115/114£2,379.00
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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS902-single-140/89£1,496.00
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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS902 dual-140/114£2,650.00
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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS903-single-160/114£1,595.00
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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS903-dual-160/114£2,725.00
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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS904-175-single-175/114£1,845.00
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All solar lighting systems are poweredDBS904-175-dual-175/114£2,825.00
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DBS900 solar street lights are a premium series lighting product. It is a new addition to the Dragons Breath Solar range. When using this solar powered luminary, it is possible to permanently fix in place. The DBS900 series solar street lighting system can be fixed any ware in the county. This is our own unique design, that offers durable construction and simple installation to suitable lamp posts of between 76-114mm diameter. The construction uses fully galvanized and stainless steel component parts for long life.

The kits come with our DBS900 series LED light unit in standard or premium output. When using this system, DBS900 solar street lights. It is possible to use with a single or dual headed mounting system. This employs a system designed to match locations while using only one lamp post. Where it is integral to providing sustainable energy generation. These light units provide LED illumination for locations when a larger area needs to be illuminated for security and safety reasons. A single column system can be installed in under an hour, making the the DBS 900 range an ideal all year around favorite to many local authorities and private sector customers. This system is matched to the geographic location, we can offer extra large solar generation for locations that requires a greater storage each day.

DBS900 series solar lighting
Sample test rig picture showing 140w solar panel in landscape orientation. This is designed for 4-5m length posts @ 89mm-114mm diameter.


Product Data sheet

These DBS900 solar street lights, are sized to provide illumination and perform in any location, so the only information we would require is where are they to be used. Do you need them to work with a background illumination or off until required.

Available in 115w, 140, 160w, solar panels or 175w solar panel sizes for extended life.

Note : Our premier product in the solar street lights range is the DBS901. This top-of-the-line lighting system boasts exceptional durability, high-performance, and is ideal for use in a wide range of applications. You can go to the following link for more detailed information : DBS901 Solar Street Lighting System.

We offer a pre-assembly service for our customers as required.

Additionally, we offer a selection of Solar Street Lamp Posts in this range.