DBS901 solar light

From: £1,464.00 (Exc. VAT) - £1,756.80 - Inc. Vat

Our DBS901 solar street light is available for any UK location. We offer this with a wide range of solar PV panels alternatives to be sure the efficiency is not compromised. Each request is looked upon its own merits and then sized to match the location details. We offer our customer the knowledge that we will calculate the irradiance levels at their location and set the lights to reflect that generation ability. We offer the DBS901 solar street lighting system in the following output range:

LED output @ 8w
LED output @ 10w
LED output @ 12w
LED output @ 15w
LED output @ 18w
LED output @ 20w
LED output @ 25w
LED output @ 30w
These kits are designed for new or retro fitting to columns of 76/89/114mm



This product is our leader in technology, the DBS901 solar light can be fitted to any location.

It has a very adaptable design, that allow the equipment to be positioned to maximize solar gain. This is to always have enough power to illuminate where needed.

This is a two piece system, with the solar panel and luminary being able to adjust to suit the UK’s hemispherical location.  We have a ready to fix system or a DIY pack ready for the user to assemble on site.

We offer this in 4 different options, that can provide the same degree of power management, no matter where the product is located in the UK.

In other words we offer products to match: South | Midlands | North | Scotland. As it is imperative to make sure the correct equipment is assemble to match customer needs. We ask only a couple of questions.

  • Your location post code for the installation
  • Time of the evening light needs to operate, will it need to be switched off late at night
  • Existing lamp post or new installation
  • Reason for light, this can be a walkway | car park | play area | other
  • Amount of lights if known, if not then the size of area to be illuminated

If you know the answer to these questions, then please send an email using this link. If you require posts then please provide this information in your reply.

DBS901 solar lighting system

has been developed and produced solely by Dragons Breath Solar. We are and have always been a British company who produce this product in the UK. We always aim to deliver this product too matched to our customer base, when as and required.

Larger quantities of our DBS901 solar light are produced to order, please contact us for details. We also have the ability to design simulations relating to the needs of our business customers.

As this product is low voltage it is ideal to place within flood plain areas, where water levels rise and fall. Providing the units are positioned correctly, the areas will always have illumination powered only by the Sun. This provides safe passage where normal lighting system may fail, due to short circuiting issues with mains powered luminaries.

DBS901 data sheet

Link to solar street light columns and lamp posts plus foot plates, anti-climb spikes and post caps