DBS906 solar light

£1,783.00 (Exc. VAT) - £2,139.60 - Inc. Vat


This is our DBS906 solar light is for street illumination, which runs at 30w power @ 160lm/w. This is enough to illuminate most applications, as it has its own 300w solar panel system to actively power the lithium ion phosphate battery system.

This is suited to 114mm diameter lamp posts. It can be positioned up to 8m above ground level. The system is in two parts to allow the solar panel to be positioned, so that it is pointing towards the sun’s horizon. This will allow the battery pack to always receive maximum charge. The DBS906 light arm can then be orientated to match the customer requirements.

This item is sold for self installation, it will require two persons to assist with positioning of the solar panels horizon.