DBS908 Solar Light

From: £1,895.00 (Exc. VAT) - £2,274.00 - Inc. Vat



We offer this DBS908 solar light product as a hybrid system c/w AC backup  or just a solar powered model. Our DBS908 solar light offer an extremely high performance displaying 60w LED @ 145lw/m. This street light luminary is powered via a lithium ion LiFePo4 battery pack, connected in series to a 140-175w solar panel to charge the system. When the battery is fully charged, the unit is then able to be driven from dusk until dawn. When the battery runs down in winter months, by using the auxiliary 230v AC connection will interact to charge batteries.

This enable the DBS908 solar light to provide a high performance all year around without fail. The 160w solar panel will cut down the energy required from main power by of 65% per annum.

Where the need to increase the physical size of the solar panel may exist in circumstances where the suns power may not be sufficient. We will automatically offer a suitable sized solar panel to be used in these circumstances. Therefore we would require you the customer to notify us of your needs and location.

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