DIY Off Grid kits

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Remote application DIY off grid solar system to power home
or off-grid battery storage in kits or parts.
Based in Pembrokeshire we specialize in delivering quality products across the UK from Wales. Supplying trade and private sector customers with anything from DIY equipment parts such as solar panels, control equipment, batteries, fixing equipment and cables, all the way through to complete off the grid installation kits.

Our in-depth knowledge has now been able to help customers since 1997. Contact us regarding any questions or enquiry into off grid solar system components around PV battery storage.

We pride ourselves in always being able to deliver the correct parts at the right price to match our customer needs. Our diy off grid solar power systems provide the customer with everything needed to complete any off grid solar system.

We have several kits that can match most needs.

Small off-grid solar panel charger kits to charge battery.




All of our 12v off grid solar system kits ready to run and power off grid energy needs away from the grid.
Click on the links to purchase any of these 12v kits….DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR powered off-grid kit 12v
The following kits below provide 230VAC when off-grid:
  •  Small off grid solar system PV mains power – 12v deep cycle battery kit
Large off grid PV mains power 48v AGM or lithium deep cycle battery kit
Click on the picture below to purchase any of these 230VAC kits….
PV Off-Grid Solar Battery 230VAC Systems