Dragons Breath Street Lights


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Dragons Breath Solar DBS1204 series street lights PIR activated. Manufactured to provide our own house branded solar powered UK street lighting system.

The lights have been developed to encompass a very high standard of equipment. This is why we manufacture every product in a bespoke style, that are designed around your needs. Finished within long lasting materials, we offer a 5 year performance guarantee, which will encompass all of our highly accredited components.  

PDF: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 1204 bespoke multi-directional solar lighting system

The DBS street lighting system is bespoke manufactured and will
offer a dusk till dawn setting using the DBS power system. LED lights are
manufactured to last for decades, utilizing high quality illuminating led chip
technology timeless power in providing an unpolluted light source for car parks
and walkways, schools, farms, bridal paths, swimming pools, hot tubs,
allotments, golf clubs and drive way areas that require illumination after

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