EasySolar battery kits




Dragons Breath solar are pleased to be able to provide easy to run EasySolar battery kits off the grid complete readily assembled system storage kits. These easy solar battery kits are for off the grid applications, these pre-assembled systems are ready to run 230VAC connections.
Enabling the suns energy powered through solar PV to recharge 12v, 24v and 48v battery
backup systems in remote places. These kits also have connections for 230vac connections by safe auxiliary AC power sources generation when required, for allotments, mobile homes, caravans, boats and many other situations where a determined amount of power is required.


  EasySolar battery storage package. Comes complete with all materials needed to install and AC power base for remote locations
EasySolar battery energy, complete ready to use off the grid complete kits.
  • 1kw nominal 12/1600/70 system, plus 2 x suitable
    high quality Victron deep cycle AGM batteries, with variable storage,
    including battery inter connection cables. 2 x full size solar panels to match
    the requirement and MC4 extension leads to connect back to the control system.

DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR complete 2 solar panel off-grid battery kit 12v @ 230Vac

  • 2kw nominal medium size battery
    storage capacity use the 24v Remote location AC power kit.
    The 24v kits are available using 24/1600/40 Victron easy solar system, along with 4 full sized solar
    panels and super cycle 6kwh Victron AGM battery capacity storage. Plus MC4
    extension leads and battery connection cables as standard. This is a larger
    capacity using 4 x full size solar panels, to deliver
    maximum power when needed. These kits are designed for mid budget

DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR complete 4 panel off-grid battery kit 24v @ 230vac

  • 4kw nominal kit
    is managed using a 48v 10kw storage battery in AGM supper cycle or lithium, off the grid storage kits can provide full power
    for larger installations. This includes 10 full size solar array (panels). The 10kw battery
    storage system is then provided to delivery full capacity from this high power

DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR complete off-grid 10 panel battery kit 48v (AGM battery)

This kit is also available using lithium ion battery pack.

DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR complete off-grid 10 panel battery kit 48v (Lithium battery)


Multi-Grid storage solar battery storage


1kw Kits include basic flat surface fixings. The 2kw and 4kw systems have basic rafter fixings. 4kw kits are available in AGM supper cycle or lithium battery types. If you require an alternative solar panel fixing method, as these are dependent on the location. These easysolar battery kits are designed for Off the grid, they are complete assembled kits.

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