Home solar and battery

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We provide a range of home solar and battery powered kits that can be installed using standard AC inverters or hybrid inverters. These can be sized to match the requirements of our customers.

The picture on this page of the UK, depicts the average sunlight irradiance levels in different parts of the UK. This offers our customers an idea of what to expect in the way of sun light intensity throughout the UK.

Let us look at the options available:

These can be tailored to use a battery storage system that can be expanded to match the needs of customer requirements now and in the future.

Inverters, hybrid means that you can fit this unit to any new or existing installation. AC means that the inverter can be used as an add on to existing solar panel installations.

Home solar and battery

Entry level hybrid inverter system

Mid range hybrid inverter

Replacement AC inverter

Mid range AC inverter

Battery pack systems are designed to provide a method of storing excess energy into a pre-determined capacity for uses when required power is needed.

4kw home storage system

SMA Sunny boy compatible add on battery storage system

Battery pack:

BYD battery pack

LG battery pack