Huawei 5kwh home battery

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Provide additional storage to existing Huawei system using this additional 5kwh home battery pack. If your installation in new, then add BMU to provide safe management of battery system

We only supply inverters and batteries as a combined package.

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Huwaei BMUHuawei BMU£925.00£925.00
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Huawei emergency home battery backup boxHuawei ESS£495.00£495.00
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Huawei power sensorHuawei power sensor£95.00£95.00
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Huawei HV battery and 5kwh inverter5kwh Li storage battery + BMU + hybrid inverter 3.68kw + cable + meter + battery backup box£4,395.00£3,858.00
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Huawei stackable battery5kwh Li storage battery + BMU + cable set£2,975.00£2,775.00
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Huawei HV battery and 5kwh inverter5kwh Li storage battery + BMU + hybrid inverter 3.68kw + cable + meter£3,895.00£3,250.00
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5kwh huawei 5kwh additional battery5kwh Li storage battery£2,350.00£1,995.00
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We offer the Huawei 5kwh home battery pack, the allows additional storage to existing system. If you require a new 5kwh battery storage system, then a BMU is required to control battery import and export levels. See drop down menu for details.

  • When you consider a home battery, the options available are determined by the size of solar generation multiplied by energy used. It sounds simple but there is a little bit more to this than meets the eye.
  • Do you want the home battery storage bank located inside or outside of your property.
  • Do you want the home battery to be floor or wall mounted. All of the questions can be answered quite simply by thinking about your needs.

Let us assist you with your choice of solar powered home battery to make sure you obtain a quality product.


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