Hybrid Inverter storage battery

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  • Sunsynk inverters can work either on national grid connection, off-grid applications, or AC charger mode
  • c/w automatic UPS which can be used for a separate emergency circuit
  • 3.6kw inverter max PV input of 7000w (3,500kw per MPPT)
  • Inverter @ IP65 | Battery 5.12kwh @ (IP65 rated) with the 5.32kwh (IP20 indoor only)
  • NOTE! Ac 230v and 3 phase mains powered equipment must be connected by suitably qualified electrical engineers
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Sunsynk home inverter and battery pack3.6kw Hybrid inverter with 1 x 5.12kwh wall mounted battery combination incl cable set£2,850.00
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Sunsynk Inverter + 3.5kwh battery packs3.6kw Hybrid inverter with 1 x 3.5kwh rack mounted pylon battery combination incl cable set£2,550.00
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Sunsynk indoor battery storage system3.6kw Hybrid inverter with 1 x 5.32kwh wall mounted battery combination incl cable set£2,950.00
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Pylon rack battery c/w cable setAdditional 3.5kwh rack battery c/w battery/inverter cable coms set£1,185.00
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Sunsynk battery pack c/w cable setAdditional 5.12kwh Sunsynk battery c/w battery/inverter cable coms set£2,080.00
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Sunsynk battery pack c/w cable setAdditional 5.32kwh Sunsynk battery c/w battery/inverter cable coms set£2,160.00
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Sunsynk battery to inverter cablesSunsynk battery to inverter cables (only with inverter & battery)£165.00
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Sunsynk battery interconnection cablesSunsynk interconnection cables (only with inverter & battery)£155.00
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2 pole battery disconnection fused switchBattery isolation switch 2-pole with fuses (only with inverter & battery)£175.00
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Sunsynk CT coil extension setCT coil extension kit (only with inverter & battery)£285.00
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The Sunsynk sun powered hybrid inverter storage battery system offers the user a flexible way of storing power from solar panels, into a battery storage bank.

The inverter system is a 3.6kw nominal which offers the residential user a wide power input range up to 7kw.

This is the latest Hybrid inverter that can maximize energy independence.

Sun powered hybrid inverter and battery bank data sheets to assist you with technical information:

  • Sun-hybrid-inverter-3.6kw
  • Sun-battery-bank-5kwh
  • Sun-battery-bank-5kwh-panels and installation kit + electrical pack
  • Works on national grid connection or off grid applications, c/w automatic UPS mode which can be used for a separate emergency circuit. Max PV input of 7000w (3,500kw per MPPT) | Inverter protection @ IP65 | Battery protection 5.12kwh @ (IP65 rated) with the 5.32kwh (IP20 indoor only).

Domestic 3.6kw solar energy storage inverters and 5.12kwh batteries being supplied to suit the needs of our customers by application. The Sunsynk range of hybrid inverters will accept up to 8 x 5.12kwh batteries.

NOTE! Ac mains powered equipment must only be connected by suitably qualified electrical engineers.

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Battery trouble shooting video

Inverter trouble shooting video

During daylight hours the inverter generates maximum power from the PV panels installed and converts in into useable energy for loads being used at the time. When those loads are not taking the generated power, it automatically re directs excess to charge the system battery.

Then in the evening when power is required after the sun has set, rather than take it from the National grid, this system allows the battery to feed the household equipment via the battery storage bank attached.

  • Inverter features:
  • Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree
  • DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing
    solar system
  • Max.16 inverters in parallel; support multiple
    batteries parallel
  • Max. charging/discharging current of 90A
  • 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging
  • Support storing energy from diesel generator
  • Single-Phase Bi-Directional Inverter
  • 3.6kW Ecco Hybrid Inverter
  • Length: 62.2cm Width: 46.9cm Height: 35.0cm

The Sunsynk sun power battery is a perfect storage solution. It is a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, with a capacity 5.12kWh. Operating @ 51.2V 100Ah with its own built-in battery management system to support and protect. Each of these batteries have a serviceable life of 10 years @ room temperature (25°C).

The BYD battery is available in wall mounted or as a rack system which can be expanded in the future to increase the storage capacity by up to 15.36kwh maximum potential storage.

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We can provide a complete 3.6kw nominal kit to match any roof covering. This includes the Sunsink inverter/battery package, PV panels plus fixing kit and electrical installation kit.

Within this page we offer a Sunsynk inverter installation pack, c/w all of the necessary parts required when you connect up a Sunsynk hybrid inverter and battery set. This includes the following items, PV fuse set, MC4 extension cables, DC isolation switches, Battery interconnection cables, battery to inverter cables, Battery switch fused disconnector, battery isolation fuses, AC isolation switch’s, generation meter, CT coil extension set.

Data sheet

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3.6kw Hybrid Inverter Data

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5.12kwh Hybrid Inverter Battery

5.32kwh Hybrid Inverter Battery

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Sunsynk installation manual

Inverter codes

Link to inverter fault codes: Fault Codes Blog (sunsynk.org)