Immersion heater solar switch

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We offer two immersion heater switch types to enable excess power from solar to be directed towards heating hot water.

Only wired version available at this time. Wireless version can only be accepted on back order.

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Immersion heater switchSolic 200 wireless£249.00
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Solar panels immersion heater controller

We offer an immersion heater solar switch, to enable excess power to heat hot water cylinder. This is available in wired format or wireless free options.

An immersion heater solar switch is a device that is used to allow the domestics immersion heater element to be powered by a solar panel system. This type of switch is often used in conjunction with a solar water-heating systems and solar-electric systems. The main purpose of the immersion heater solar switch is to help homeowners reduce their household energy bills by using renewable energy sources such as solar energy. By providing a way to power the immersion heater with solar energy, homeowners can heat their water cylinder without relying on traditional fossil fuels. The switch works by allowing the solar panel array to generate electricity and use it to heat water in the solar-water heating system. Immersion heater solar switches can be used with photovoltaic PV panels. One of the main advantages is that it can significantly reduce energy costs associated with heating water. Solar switches can also help to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment by relying less on fossil fuels for energy. Additionally, solar panels systems are relatively low maintenance and can provide free solar energy for years to come. Ensure that your solar-energy system is installed correctly for maximum efficiency and savings.

larger wattage immersion heater, means it requires a greater amount of energy to run = speed element will heat water.

  • The size of immersion element will not matter for this product.

But if solar is not able to produce 3kw (standard element size) for example in winter, then the transfer switch may only be able push over for instance 100-500w from PV array. This will mean yes it will heat water in winter, but slower than if it was a hot sunny day.