K2 P-Rack System

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K2 P rack solar ground mounting kit standardP-Rack System to Suit 14 Panels in Portrait 7 above 7 (Standard wind loading 0.8kN/m²)£1,950.00
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K2 P-Rack solar ground mounting heavyP-Rack System to Suit 16 Panels in Portrait 8 above 8 (High Wind loading 1.3 kN/m²)£2,250.00
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Solar ground mounted K2 P-Rack system is ideal for any PV panel project size.

This is a multi functional ground mounting flat surface kit.

Ideal for 16 panels in Portrait or Landscape.

We offer two unique kits to match location wind speeds.

  • Kit 1: 16 Panel Standard Wind Loading 0.8kN/m²
  • Kit 2: 16 Panel High Wind Loading 1.3kN/m²         



Ideal foundation would be a solid concrete base. This can be in strips to match the legs of P-Rack or a complete slab.

Suitable for PV most panels sizes up to 450w. These can be affixed in place two modules high, one above each other.

The kit is complete with all materials needed except foundation media. Panel clamps are out universal type to match 32-43mm PV panel sizes.

The angle of the P-rack kit can be set to match 15°, 20° or 25° dependent on locational needs.

The foundation media needs to be set out by ground workers, the sub soil needs to support weight of total kit. This could be in excess of 400kg. Therefore it is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure this matches ground conditions. Please note: Any concrete foundations must be sourced by the customer, these will not be included in the delivery.

The assembly of PV modules are designed for small ground mounted projects. Also suited to off-grid systems.

P-Rack Information page

Click on this link for P-Rack assembly instructions

Kit 1: Standard P-Rack kits

Designed for wind and snow loads of 0.8kN/m²

(weight 94kg)

Kit 2: High Wind P-Rack kits

Designed for wind and snow loads of 1.3 kN/m²

(weight 122kg)