Living off the grid

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Going Off Grid

Living off the grid sounds daunting. The phrase conjures mental images of freezing winters, grueling treks carrying firewood through blizzards, and punishingly distant access away from civilization.

While there are certainly many people who love to live like that, being off the grid really just means
that you are producing your own off grid energy power to some degree, either entirely or in part. If you’re not sure, here are a few benefits to living off the grid.

Low Monthly Rates: Despite the initial cost, installing renewable energy will save you plenty on your monthly power bill. Anything you produce yourself will cut back on what you need to pay power companies or substantially reduce the cost of other fuels like diesel generators etc, and if you produce more, you store this excess for use latter
in your battery bank.

Flexible Living: If  you prefer wide open spaces, refreshing views, nature, or the peace of rural life, you can benefit from renewable energy. Producing your own off grid energy power will give you the freedom to live just about anywhere you want.

Positive Environmental Impact: And of course, the environmental impact of choosing renewable power is huge. By going off-grid, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by up to 3.5 tons of C02 per year, based on basic running needs doing your bit to help prevent climate change.

At Dragons Breath Solar, we provide the full range living off the grid solar power systems designed around your needs to help you be more energy efficient. From basic battery charging, right the way through to full home off the grid systems, we can help. To find out more, just browse our range, click on this link.

Living off the grid

Power your off-grid equipment Dragons Breath

The following kits have been designed to provide 230VAC when off-grid:
  •  Small off grid PV mains power – 12v deep cycle battery kit

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