LUCAS AGM batteries


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Lucas LSLC batteries providing strength with a leading quality battery
brand. Deep cycle fully rechargeable Lucas LSLC battery, a system that is designed
for professional�projects geared towards solar energy storage needs. Such as a 12v solar battery storage system

These batteries can be used in any 90 degree orientations.

Dimensions and output @ 20Ah:

18Ah = 180mm x 76mm x 167mm @ 6kg

22Ah = 180mm x 76mm x 167mm @

34Ah = 196mm x 130mm x 168mm @ 11kg

42Ah = 200mm x 138mm x 214mm
@ 12kg

85Ah = 260mm x 168mm x 233mm
@ 25kg

100Ah = 330mm x 171mm x
224mm @ 35kg