Mini rail speed fixing

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We offer the mini rail solar panel fixing system for box section metal roofs. These are positioned in place using 4 x stainless steel self tapping screws. The method is to place one of the mini rails on each corner for single solar panel installations. Where the fixture is for multiple solar panels, then the mid fixing is required between the two panels.
Parts included on this page are as follows:
Mini rails to match the application (mid or end)
Fixing screws to attach securely in place
Mid clamps black or silver finish)
End clamps (black or silver finish)
Sections for increasing angles

See mini rail fixing video instructions for installation.

See drop down menu below to select parts required.



Mini rail speed fixing system is a complete unit ready to attach to box
section roofs. It comprises of the mini rail with rubber buffer strip on back
of mini rails.

This is to allow safe penetration without water leaks when using
the kits self drilling neoprene headed screws. It also has a fully adjustable
option of mid or end clamps to match any requirements.

Please advise how many mid sections and how many end mini rail sections
you require when placing any orders.


To increase the angle please make a purchase using these parts: Mini rail single side front and rear panel angle set c/w end clamp fixings + screws.

Mini rail speed fixings

can be angled. This set will do one side of solar panel, so two required per panel.

Therefore if you want to angle panels: follow this VIDEO

  • 1 x solar panel: = 4 x ends + 2 x angle fixing kits in the drop down menu above
  • 2 x solar panels side by side: = 4 x ends + 2 x mids + 4 x angle fixing kits in the drop down menu above


Mini rail 5 end

Mini rail 5 front

Mini 5 fixing c/w TerraGrif + Screws

Video link