Mobile solar lighting kit

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Dragons Breath high performance mobile solar lighting system kit. This product has been designed for those individuals who want to have the ability to take illumination anywhere.

This kit can be used for sheds, cabins, allotments, camping, fishing and areas away from the grid where high performance illumination can be used for emergency in locations anywhere across the world.

We offer this kit with only high quality components that are built to last.

This high performance off the grid battery charging kit is a vandal resistant solar powered charging system to include: 20Ah LiFePo4 battery system 10w IK10 impact resistant IP67 LED light. 50w or 100w solar panel plus. Fixing kit. Quality charge controller for programming needs.

Ideal for stables allotments sheds and many other similar uses where illumination is needed.

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Optional extras:

Mains power battery charger

Mobile phone outlets

12v bayonet type plug in adaptors

230v high performance inverter for mains power applications

IP65 case to house battery components

Can be used in any location on earth

Contact us if you have a special application which requires a mobile solar lighting system bespoke design.

Vandal resistant mobile battery charging system for camping, fishing, sheds and allotments
Vandal resistant mobile battery charging system can be used with our high quality carry case with selected 230v inverter to provide mains power to match individual applications. Ideal accompaniment for fishing trips, camping holidays or almost any application where illumination is required using power from the suns energy stored into our high performance battery. Life expectancy for this kit is 10-12 years. This mobile solar lighting kit will provide up to 20 hours illumination on full charge. This product is built and supplied to order. If your application requires us to provide a bespoke product, then contact us using this link.