Multi-directional solar lighting

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The Dragons Breath DBS bespoke retro multi-directional solar lighting system can be retro fixed onto almost any redundant lamp post. This lighting system is designed for uses of 76mm | 89mm | 114mm diameter lamp posts, where it is important to obtain maximum solar powered illumination. This system allows the solar panel to be orientated in a southerly direction, whilst allowing the LED luminary to be pointed in the most convenient place. This is designed to be retro fitted onto a new or existing lamp posts, where mains power has been disconnected or is not available. We have two versions of this multi-directional solar lighting unit to offer our customers. These are set @ 25% background until PIR is triggered by pedestrian or vehicular movement to 100% illumination value. 

Standard unit c/w 115w solar panel in portrait orientation.

Our larger power unit unit includes either 1 x 175w or 1 x 150w solar panel for improved high performance.

Above in the prices, you will find that we offer a kit for post sizes from 76mm | 89mm | 114mm. We also offer 3 different sized solar panels that can be retro mounted. This is to reflect the optimum for locations across the UK. If you are unsure, please drop us a quick email to ask any questions.

Solar panels and LED luminaries have to be matched to individual locations, they need to work at your location.

DBS RETRO PDF: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR Retro solar lighting system

Multi-directional solar lighting

method provides a greater PV power generation capacity, allowing the lighting to deliver much more power to battery storage. This has been designed to be used in many different scenarios where greater capacity is required for longer duration’s. All of our LED lighting systems are low voltage and operate at a minimal temperature coefficient.

Dragons Breath multi directional lighting system. The control can operate via PIR or can be set to provide illumination from dusk @ 6-8-10-12h. The energy saving mode lets the controller manage the battery state to provide the best performance. Via the PIR we can set the light to only operating when required. This will then provide true zero light pollution when not in use. By using this method it can be set to provide 100% illumination from dusk, maximizing the total energy battery store. Costs are dependent of need at location, this allows us to prepare equipment to match localized requirements. Solar panels are matched to suit illumination requirements. Columns are designed around the location need. It is important for the customer to provide us with a much information as possible. This will allow us to deliver the correct equipment parts around that need. In the first instance, please contact us via email. We will then be able to provide equipment matched to your request. The design and illumination package will then be matched to suit your needs. You may require the lights to be constant, maybe you only want the lights to operate when needed. Whatever the request, we can build a solar street lighting system to match any specific timed requirement.

  • Lights designed to work using low impact high performance LED’s
  • LED’s range from 6w through to 20w using the latest top class system parts
  • 145lw/m
  • Batteries LiFePo4 long lasting deep cycle
  • Standard 5m length lamp post are available to match our solar street lighting

We offer a specially designed bespoke solar street light with multi-directional positioning of PV panels for greater battery storage capacity.

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