multi storage battery inverters

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It is possible to link up to 3 inverters to maximize any solar PV installation.

We can offer a single phase inverter package linked to 3 x 6kw inverters that equal 18kw of PV.

Usually this type of system is ground mounted but can be roof mounted should the space be available.

This can provide up to 45kwh of battery storage capacity.

We offer a kit of parts that will include everything needed for your team to complete the installation process.

Kits can be multiplied to a maximum of 3 x inverters, with a maximum of 3 x batteries per inverter.

For instance:

  • 6kw inverter system c/w 1 x 5kwh battery
  • 6kw inverter system c/w 2 x 5kwh batteries
  • 6kw inverter system c/w 3 x 5kwh batteries
  • 12wk inverter system c/w 6 x 5kwh batteries
  • 18kw inverter system c/w 9 x 5kw batteries