Off grid battery storage units


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Easy solar off grid battery storage units for instant ready to manage power requirements. With all electrical terminals pre wired, ready to connect onto battery solar panel storage system.

Off grid battery storage units

12v, 24v and 48v pre assembled systems are ready to have solar energy panels connected to run @ 230VOC mains power. All electrical safety features are included and tested prior to dispatch, all equipment from Victron has 5 years warranty included.

  • Easy to use system
  • Maintenance free
  • Deep cycle storage
  • Instant power for computers, lighting and appliances
  • Ideal for un-adopted locations
  • Click here to download AC remote power data sheet

All kits can be used on boats, cabins, stables, caravans and much more other areas where AC power may be needed.

We provide a small 1kw system through to 6kw nominal solar energy kits for off the grid Vac power in remote locations. This is useful when AC mains power is not available. Each kit enables lighting and power for computers and household energy equipment to be used. Offering a main power supply to equipment @ 230Vac.

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