Off-Grid DIY systems

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SOLAR PANEL CHOICE using off-grid DIY systems.

This is calculated using the location and angle of solar panel. To avoid under charging
the battery, it is important to decide what the need is in relation to the size.


This is a device designed to perform many tasks depending on which type or manufacturers used.
They can be easily programmed to deliver generated energy from the solar panel into a battery system. We offer PWM or MPPT controllers which are available to match specific requirements of solar panel output.


This choice is to deliver energy to power the equipment selected. The choice is matched to meet with individual needs.


We offer battery cables either plain ended or crimped in 16sqmm, 25sqmm, 35sqmm and 50sqmm sizes.
The lengths can be manufactured to match the design threshold of individual systems.
Ends and connection can be provided to match battery fixings.

Wiring diagram
for DIY 12v solar powered battery charging system

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