Off-Grid Lighting

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Solar battery charging kits, designed to provide off grid lighting to areas without mains powered connections. These low voltage 12V kits are idea for areas where LED lighting is required, such as allotments and large areas that need to be illuminated. The solar panel can be mounted onto wall, shed, post, or flat surfaces.
We have priced these in 2 kits to enable our high quality LED luminaries to be used in sheds, cabins, allotments and other similar requirements. These will allow our customers to select our uniquely designed LiFePo4 lithium battery as the operational power behind the system. Our PV panels are connected to the lithium long life battery via the adaptor cables in this kit, this makes sure your battery never overcharges. Off grid solar lighting PV panel powered high quality LED lighting kits complete with battery and controller to match any requirements.
Solar powered off grid lighting starter kit includes
High performance solar panel + mounting frame for ground or wall, charge controller, lithium battery, 0.5m extension cables from panel to solar PV panel, 10w LED strip lights c/w PIR sensor included.
These are ideal for stables, sheds, allotments, signs and many other uses.
  • Β The 1 x solar strip lighting kit contains the following parts:

We are able to produce a means of illumination for any situation powered by solar power. Off grid lighting for sheds, boats, cabins, walkways and any other situation where a quality product is required to work when needed.

LiFePo4 high performance battery pack designed by dragons breath solar