Off Grid panel 70w




A genuine high class solar off grid panel 70w that is small easy to move consequently and will generate 80w. This product is ideal for off-grid situations where a steady charge is required to satisfy a 12v
battery system.

These panels have been manufactured to adhere to all relevant
standards and statutes. They come complete ready to use and can be connected to
a leisure or DIY battery system in minutes by connecting the charge through a
suitable control unit to provide efficient charging for the next 25 years.

Please see the attached PDF data sheet outlining all of the information required.

We provide these solar panels to enhance the productivity of battery charging using the suns energy off the grid. If you need help, provide your question by return…CONTACT US USING THIS LINK
This product is now sold as an 80w PV panel as stocks of the 70w are diminished.