Orion-Tri Smart DC-DC Charger

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Victron energy Orion-Tri Smart DC-DC charger is available in two forms.

  • Isolated
  • Non Isolated

This allows the service battery either on board a motor boat or vehicle to be charged when using the vehicles alternator system. The options enable the latest Euro 5 or 6 electronics to facilitate this option.

They are both blue tooth enabled to allow management to be authorized and monitored using smart phones etc. These 12/24v DC chargers can operate seamlessly to provide effortless power from engines alternator to service battery for uses away from starter battery.

The Victron management system has a built in to 3 stages:

  • Bulk – absorption – float

Victron Orion non isolated DC-DC chargerVictron Orion Isolated DC-DC battery charger

Data sheets:Β Victron energy Orion-Tri Smart DC-DC chargers