Parkland solar light

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Parkland solar light photovoltaic powered system utilizes battery storage in un-adopted locations designs throughout the UK. Our lighting brochure shows you the product is designed for remote un-adopted locations. We prepare these to match the needs of our customers as one size never fits all.

The solar panel is matched to provide the desired energy linked through control equipment back to the battery storage. This can be built in many variations, but ultimately we need to know the location followed by the reason for light or illumination. Be that as a beacon or  to provide safe passage through areas that are uneven underfoot or other.

Parkland solar light

can be set to operated at several different time sectors throughout the night. This can be a straight forward dusk setting on a timed basis or maybe our customers will require the light to only operate when sensor is triggered. Which every way this need to be set, we can adjust the unit to perform its duties and leave to run autonomously.

Lights can be matched to existing or new lamp posts or columns, depending on the heights and location. Where we can offer our advice to select the most appropriate parts commensurate with that location.

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