Portable battery box

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Select this solar battery backup off grid unit as the appropriate solar storage battery type. to be matched along side foldable solar panel as needed.

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Semi Flexible Solar PanelStandard 150w solar panel£325.00£325.00
Growatt 1.5kwh Infinity 1500150w solar panel foldable type£450.00£450.00
Semi Flexible Solar PanelStandard 200w solar panel£395.00£395.00
Growatt 1.5kwh Infinity 1500200w solar panel foldable type£550.00£550.00
Portable battery box details1500w portable battery box (excluding solar panel)£1,499.00£1,250.00


Portable battery box is an ideal companion to have for almost any application when away from mains power. It can be used in locations where power is required to charge portable equipment, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and many other low energy systems. If required, this battery box can be used to power mains output power products @ 230vac, when fully charged.

  • 4w LED lights @ 250 hours
  • 5w phone @ 200 hours
  • 36w fridge @ 30 hours
  • 56w laptop @ 10 hours
  • 75w LCD TV @ 15 hours
  • 650w toaster @ 9 hours +
  • 900w Electric grill @ 7 hours
  • 1000w microwave oven @ 7 hours

This Lithium battery box can be supplied with control equipment to provide 230vac power.

c/w 1512wh lithium-ion battery can be charged either with 150w or 200w vandal resistant solar PV panels. With the option of the battery box also being able to charge via household socket in two hours, or 12v car charger while on the move for day trips away form home. A reliable all in one battery system.

1500 Portable battery box

is complete with LED multi function display for monitoring charge in battery. c/w with USB and cigarette outlets for auxiliary mobile phone or low voltage plug in adaptors.

The 1500 kit offers additional plug in sockets for added safety and security. Plus up to 800w of solar energy can be plugged in using 150w or 200w foldable PV panels. This will increase the charging time and overall performance. Using either our ridged or foldable PV panels.

This provides via 1512wh lithium-ion battery a capacity of 2000w output to run household/domestic equipment.

Weighing in at 16.5kg, and measuring 420mm x 230mm x 287mm