Off grid post kit

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Dragons Breath solar supply a post fixing kit for many sized PV panels. These include 115w, 140w, 160w, and 175w ridged framed panels. These can be used for permanent fixing onto 76mm, 89mm, and 114mm diameter tube. These post solar panel fixing kits can be purchased with or without the solar panels:

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Solar panel module support kits. These will allow post fixing of solar panels, sizes 80-175w for secure permanent attachment. Easy to assemble kit consisting of 6 parts that easily bolt together for permanent fixing. The picture shows our 115w solar panels, which can be positioned in portrait and landscape orientation as required. Make sure you always position the solar panel facing south, to maximize the irradiation of the Suns energy when efficient storage to solar battery is needed. This kit can be used for any remote application.

Solar panel sizes:

Alternatively you may want to fix the solar panel to follow the Sun path across the sky.

This will improve the solar gain. Post fixing solar panels can be adjusted to match the location or fixed at one permanent angle.

Note! if you require solar panels, controllers, batteries or any other off grid spares.



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