PV flat surface fixing 2 x 1



Photovoltaic Solar panel PV Flat surface fixing 2 x 1.

Used to fix any two horizontal photovoltaic Panels

These photovoltaic Panel flat surface kits have been manufactured to provide a method of attaching solar pv panels onto any flat surface.

These can be used for mounting two solar modules in a horizontal orientations when using our support rails.

Each kit will include:

  • PV rails (S dome 6.10 base set)
  • PV rails (dome 6.10 peak)
  • S dome 6.10 wind breaker
  • Screws
  • Mini clamp set 30-50mm
  • Dome porter set
  • Specifically manufactured flat surface panel plinth.

This can be used for ground mounting two photovoltaic panels, or can be used for a flat roof photovoltaic system.

*The ideal fixing kit 2 horizontal photovoltaic panels*