PV Plain Tile Fixing Brackets

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The K2 plain tile stainless steel brackets (1000214) sold individually or in box quantities of 25 brackets. (Prices shown are per bracket). Optional extra’s fixing screwsflashing kits | Complete on roof plain tile fixing kits

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Solar panel plain tile fixing brackets for tiled roofs.

If you go to our drop down price menu, it will allow you to either select the plain tile solar bracket individually or in quantities. Alternatively, we now can supply the brackets with industry standard fixing screws along with a flashing kit to stop the ingress of water.
K2 Plain tile fixture, part number P1000214 manufactured from high quality stainless steel, these brackets fit neatly under the roof covering. We can if required provide rails and clamps to hold panels securely in place. PV panel plain tile solar panel roof fastener brackets are used for connecting the rails that support panels, this system is then secure for life on tiled roofs. To assemble the fixing rails for a permanent solar panel structure it would be essential to use these parts. Once the tiles have been removed to expose the timber framework of the roof under, these brackets are screwed into place using stainless steel fasteners. Ideally then you can use our flashing kit to stop the ingress of water. Once this has been done the tile can be put back into place making the whole fixing point secure. All fixing points should be tested prior to attaching the rails to hold solar panels using T bolts and M10 serrated nuts.

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Maybe you require a complete plain tile fixing kit for 2 panels through to 16 panel on roof installations. Then click on this link: PLAIN TILE ON ROOF COMPLETE FIXING KITS

Plain tile bracket fixings are now available in box quantities discounts. You can also purchase stainless steel screws, T bolts and nuts plus flashing set.

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