Home battery storage system

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10kwh LG Chem home battery storage system is a HV unit, the RESU lithium ion battery system will be compliment most solar panel energy installations when using the SMA SB 3.7 storage unit. to deliver high performance backup power to the domestic property. This li ion system offers useable storage for use after dark. Ideal for any domestic solar installations.  This home solar storage using 10kwh RESU 10M LG Chem lithium solar panel home storage system, just needs connection to suitable SMA inverter.

Click on this link for full data sheet of the RESU LG Chem home battery storage system.

This battery picture below shows the installation video for the LG lithium battery

 LG lithium battery installationSMA 3.7 AC inverter

This battery is an ideal accompaniment for the Sunny boy SMA 3.7 AC inverter. It can be connected quickly and efficiently using up to 3 number of the 10kwh LG Chem battery if desired. This system is an adaptation to make existing domestic solar panel installations into a battery storage facility.

This video will show you how easy it is to fix this unit securely and permanently in any home.

Video: LG 10kwh lithium battery

Data Sheet: 10kwh battery @ 51v

Data sheet: 10kwh battery @ 400v

Link to: Sunny Boy SMA 3.7 AC Inverter

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Data sheet: StorEdge 3680 kw hybrid inverter

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