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These standard and high performance specification DBS161 retro lighting systems can be attached to existing lamp posts or we can supply posts for our retro fit the DBS161 range of solar PV powered street lighting systems. This will deliver ample light using high quality mono panels into lithium ion battery storage for long life. Each product comes with a 2 years manufactured warranty, designed and built with the UK weather conditions in mind they are strong and reliable products that require minimal maintenance. These DBS161 lighting units are offered in prestige black anodized finish options available with LED Bridgelux or Cree chip sets connected to a mono crystalline solar PV panel.

DBS161 PDF: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 161 solar lighting system

  • 960Lm (LED output)
  • 1280Lm (LED output)
  • 1620Lm (LED output)

The solar panel is connected by an efficient electronic control system that can provide either PIR sensor operated to run from dusk each night or a timed segmented power to enable the LED’s to turn on at dusk and switch off @ sun rise each day. This then reverts back into solar charge mode at sun rise each day. Details of the DBS161 standard path lighting system are enclosed below. The prestige data sheet is available upon request as this is manufactured to a bespoke specification to suit individual circumstances. These provide our customers with greater efficiency and are structured towards changing seasonal weather conditions. We offer a fully tailored product in the HP prestige version to illuminate paths, car parks and areas where normal gird connections are not available. 

Off Grid solar lights one piece or 2 part solar lighting

In the UK solar panels must point towards a southerly direction to achieve the maximum solar gain. It is therefore important to understand that failure to present the
lighting system in such a way, will reduce the PV power being received and consequently stored into the enclosed lithium ion battery. So it is important to understand the basic principles of solar battery storage. The owner is responsible for product placement. Products should not be overshadowed by buildings or trees. It is important to preserve the maximum irradiance obtainable on any given day. A solar panel produces electrical power when the available sun light at location can shine adequately onto the solar panel surface.

One piece lithium powered solar area walkway street lighting, (retro clamp onto 60mm – 76mm – 89mm lamp post). Included in this package, solar lighting systems working @ 500-1620LM. C/w built in solar panels. Lithium battery systems from 120Wh – 480Wh capacity. All lighting systems are to IP65 & CE rated.

Our DBS161 solar lights can be purchased with our without lamp post. We offer these DBS161 area lights as follows:

  • 960Lm DBS161B8 std performance units are fitted with 60w solar panel
  • 1280Lm DBS161B10 std performance units are fitted with 70w solar panel
  • 1620Lm DBS161B high performance units are fitted with 80w solar panel

Lamp posts are available in the following lengths.

  • 3m above ground galvanized steel lamp post @ 60mm diameter
  • 4m above ground galvanized steel lamp post @ 76mm diameter
  • 4m above ground galvanized steel lamp post @ 89mm diameter

These should be sunk into the ground between 650 – 850mm deep in strong cement base. Applications are for small to medium sized areas that need to quickly fix into place an occasional use lighting system. This is ideal for private or security areas, parking, commercial or domestic storage areas, walkways or general illumination use. Ideal for quick fix solution where power is not readily available.

Retro solar street light system

Prices start with the 960Lm solar area light type DBS161B, without post.
Available in permanent fixing solar lamp post lighting

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