S dome single panel

£146.25 (Exc. VAT) - £175.50 - Inc. Vat

dome classic system provides secure positioning of solar panels onto many flat roof surfaces. The frames are mechanically affixed together and positioned pointing south. Speed porter to allow weights positioned onto framework, are ideal for locations that require a non penetration of the roofs surface.
Optional extras that may be required: Solar panels | video assembly of the S dome systemS dome brochure

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Fixing onto box section metal roof using S dome single panel system. easy to fix permanently, these fixing are angled @ 10 degrees.

Ideal for individual solar panels or small projects.

Each kit will include:

  • PV rails (S dome 6.10 base set)
  • PV rails (dome 6.10 peak)
  • S dome 6.10 wind breaker
  • Screws
  • Mini clamp set 30-50mm
  • Dome porter set
  • Specifically manufactured flat surface panel plinth.
These kits are priced to use your own panel types.
We need to know the size of panels being used, plus frame color.
Kits have to be held in position using ballast of either sand bags or concrete blocks. If flat roof is over 5° inclination, then this has to be held in place using permanent fixtures.