Self Consumption

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When considering a battery storage system for self consumption use, it is important to understand some basic self consumption solar questions. Go to the tab above and select.

These fundamentally rules are governed by the importance of what ever you put into the system, determines what is returned. So the quality and safety are predominantly the leading factors when using AC power combines to DC storage. With our systems we can say 100%, that we believe our equipment is a world leader in the design and understanding of this technology.

Link to self consumption system kit

Within the link below, you will find alternatives, these are for a sliding scale of use. The MultiPlus grid use is sized to required battery storage capacity with PV using the following rule. The max PV power must be proportional to the installed AC PV power. When using the Multiplus GXII inverter charger, 1.5kwp installed requires 4.8kwh of battery storage.
We offer these in kits for existing solar installations or for new solar panel applications.

Each additional 1.5 kWp of AC PV will require an additional proportional 4.8 kWh increase in battery storage.

Multi-gGrid storage solar battery storage
We also offer you an overview into the main topical questions relating to home battery storage questions. See yellow tab next to description.
Self consumption solar questions

Solar battery storage questions and answers

Questions and answers.

  • Question 1. When you install one of these battery home storage systems, with combined photovoltaic modules. Will a connection request be required to the network operator?
    Answer 1:
  • The system will not require a connection request to the grid network providing the systems is connected to “island”. This will then isolate feed into the grid when needed.
  • Question 2. With photovoltaic PV modules and home storage batteries, will they need authorization?
  • Answer 2:
  • Subject to special constraints, usually you will not require DNO authorization.
  • Question 3. Where is the best place to install a solar home battery storage system?
  • Answer 3:
  • The system can be installed in any room with a free flow of ventilation e.g cellar/basement, garage or secure hard standing. Such as out building.Β Any battery storage system needs to be installed in a well ventilated area.
  • Question 4. How long does it typically take for the installation of the complete system, PV modules and the battery storage pack?
  • Answer 4:
  • Depending on the skill set of installer this should take around two days, to install PV panels, inverter and battery storage bank. Then carry out safety checks prior to the system becoming operational.
  • Question 5. Who can install the system?
  • Answer 5:
  • This can be done using an established electrician who can provide a seamless interaction of building services.
  • Battery sizes are dependent on the amount of energy used by the home owner divided by the size of solar PV photovoltaic panels at installation. This could be a 2kw, 3kw or 4kW solar array, which then needs to be directed into a matched lithium phosphate LiFePo4 battery storage facility. The storage facility usually in the following size modules. 2.4kwh, 3.5kwh, 5kwh, 10kwh and 15kwh. These have the ability to add additional units in the future, as required by the owner to build a greater host solar battery storage capacity.