Semi flexible solar panels

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Dragons Breath offer two ranges of semi flexible solar panels can be used in durable conditions and remote locations. Semi flexible panels can be suspended or permanently fixed to many superstructures such as roofs and decks using ties or suitable adhesives. Each panel is lightweight and easily converts the suns power into renewable energy. This is then stored into batteries using suitable controllers for uses when required.

Semi flexible solar panels

Offer a higher yield per watt for any application.

We offer high performance Sunpower ETFE tier 1 semi flexible maxeon cells @ 23% efficiency for uses on boats, van roofs and many other applications.
  • SPR-E-flex product is now only available in 50w and 110wp,
  • 50w size 653 x 556 x 2mm @ 1.1kg
  • 100w size 1165 x 556 x 2mm @ 2kg (no longer available)
  • 110w size 1165 x 556 x 2mm @ 2kg
  • 170w size 1153 x 810 x 2mm @ 3kg (no longer available)
Power warranty of 5 years = 80% of the minimum power specified.
DBS own brand semi flexible solar panels ETFE x 12v solar panels on aluminum back sheet
  • 110w mono size 530 x 1215 x 3mm @ 2.0kg (no longer available)
  • 150w mono size 670 x 1510 x 3mm @ 2.8kg (no longer available)
Out put tolerance +3%
Number of standard sunpower cells in series @ 40
Mono cells produce up to 22% efficiency
Product warranty 5 years