September 2017 Solar sign lighting

£1,638.00 (Exc. VAT) - £1,965.60 - Inc. Vat

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Dragons Breath are pleased to announce the September 2017 solar sign lighting system.
This is geared towards remote locations or areas where it is not
economical to trench underground to lay mains powered cables.
These are fully solar PV powered, designed to operate all year around
from dusk until dawn.
The lights can be used for illuminating information areas such
as allotments, paths, car parks, private roads and cycle paths
and playgrounds etc.. The possibilities are endless. Use the suns
energy as a source of power to light up important location signage.

We provide
equipment parts to manage full potential of available sun light.
Understanding what is possible can transform the way we store energy
for all future needs.
Our company can produce lighting systems to match any tasks.
We provide the latest lithium Ion battery systems to run up to
60,000 hours use. That’s 10-12 years.
With the event of lithium being the most economical method of storing
energy, many households are now searching the possibilities of
utilizing this energy storage. This is endless…
Find out more about battery storage by following
this link.
Then either click on the smart energy backup system or solar home storage batteries.

Contact us for any battery
storage requirements

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