Side of post mounting

From: £65.00 (Exc. VAT) - £78.00 - Inc. Vat



Dragons Breath solar can provide a wide range of side of post mounting. This enables PV panels a secure fixture to any lamp post or column.

The kits are designed for quick and effective permanent support of panels ranging in size from 50w through to 300w in capacity. These can be orientated and angled to match individual horizons.

  • The small system in available in a kit form that can fix 50-80w solar panels
  • Our medium kit will provide support for 115-175w solar panels
  • The large kit is for large solar panels up to 300w

Side of post mounting

The small kit will only accept panels in portrait, with the medium kit offering landscape or portrait. Because of the physical size of the larger panels, we only offer this kit in landscape orientations.

These are genially affixed to standard sized post diameters of:

  • Small kit @ 60mm
  • Medium @ 76 or 89mm
  • Large kit @ 89 or 114mm

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