SMA AC Inverter

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SMA sunny boy storage inverter

Power: 3.7kW / 5.0kW / 6.0kW
DC-Voltage (Battery): 100 VDC – 550 VDC
DC-Current (Battery): 10 A
Efficiency (max.): 97.5%
Warranty: 5 years

This AC inverter is available to pre-order order only, make sure you allow for this.

SMA Inverter data sheet



SMA-AC inverter will couple storage from existing solar panel installations HV lithium ion batteries. This has been sized for standard domestic installations that are connected to the national grid. Allowing your solar panel installation to store excess energy into lithium battery for use when needed. This will ultimately help to reduce future energy costs.

The SMA-AC inverter is available in these sizes:

  • 2500w
  • 3700w
  • 5000w
  • 6000w

Used on grid connected systems. It allows the owner to connect HV batteries using just one link. Can be assembled and commissioned very quickly using smartphone or tablet devices via WLAN. It has the ability to supply power to household during power outages.

SMA 3.7 AC inverter
This 2500w Sunny boy AC inverter will allow the owner to store power from solar panel installations into a 5.12kWh BYD battery system. This can be purchased as a kit of parts to assemble your solar panel home storage in drop down above.
  • 2500w AC Storage inverter
  • Sunny home manager
  • 5.12kWh BYD battery pack and base unit
  • Cables required
  • Warranty 10 years.

This AC Inverter will provide a seamless link between domestic solar panel installations and HV lithium ion battery storage.  All mains connected installations should be performed by suitably qualified electrical engineers. This product meets with the compliance G83/2 and is suitable to be used with UK power generation @ 230v AC connections.

You may also need the SMA 63A energy meter which takes care of optimal control measurement. With the Sunny home manager for complete interaction management.

3 phase commercial storage facility.

3 phase solar powered energy storage facility, complete with a 30kwh lithium battery backup. Each kit will contain 3 x 6kw sunny island inverter packs, running into a BYD battery system.

Other commercial 3 phase system is for a 60kw of PV power. This allows the large scale generated PV power to be sent directly into a battery backup of 67kwh.