Smartsolar MPPT controller

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The smart charge controller is suitable for all battery types. Is can rejuvenate any battery state provided they are not permanently damage, by using advanced technology to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time.



High performance smartsolar MPPT controller with optimum power tracking, by using the maximized multi pin point tracking, this system constantly monitors the weather condition to harvest all available capacity.

By investing in the smart range, you can extend the life of batteries significantly. This type of controller manages the localized conditions to achieve maximum potential gain throughout the day.

Smartsolar MPPT controller

Provides power to 12v, 24v, 36v or 48v battery banks. The smart feature has a built in Bluetooth configuration that enables any matched device to monitor or alter the configurations. These include timed delay after dusk or before sunrise. It will show you the voltage and watts your solar panel is producing, the amount to energy going into the battery. The total storage and discharge of battery real time. The smart system provides a 30 day history of the performance attributed to the system configuration. It has a streetlight function that provides energy to illuminate bulb durations as and when required. This has a dimming facility that can be set to operate the illumination 1 hour before sunrise or just turn on and off when needed automatically.

Smartsolar MPPT controller optional extras include:

  • Plug in display
  • Wirebox
Wire protection box for MPPT controller
Wire protection box for MPPT controller
Smart display
Plugin smartsolar display

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