Solar battery storage installations


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Dragons Breath Solar battery storage installations consultancy service to store excess energy into a lithium ion or Pb battery system. The product is designed to work towards gaining excess energy generated during the day and storing this for use later when the sun has set.

The way this works is that it will automatically draw energy from the grid once the stored solar energy has been depleted from the lithium ion battery.
Every day when the suns energy is strong enough, the system will automatically send power to all of your household electrical outlets in the home; this provides a full and transparent movement of power generated during the day in the solar
battery storage. When the power is not required in the home, the power generated will automatically be directed into battery storage.

Most of these type of solar battery storage installations can take 1-2 days to complete. The system will then run without maintenance being necessary for many years to come. This then provides your home with a wealth of clean renewable energy. To help you understand what is needed, we offer a service that is refundable should you purchase the equipment from our site.