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Our company background is in the renewable energy sector, when we first started working in this market in the 1990s. The current company was founded in 1997. Fundamentally to design and deliver high end, quality based energy generation equipment parts and services, all derived around solar PV energy.
We can offer our customers by way of consultation a solar breakdown service. To help those persons that have a problem with existing PV or solar thermal water systems. We have the ability to resolve the issues our customers are currently encountering. By offering a solution based upon our 2 score years of knowledge, we can track down and identify any faults..
Our company can then provide a virtual break down service or health check to bring your existing equipment back up to full operational potential. Our assessment which will enable us to help you with small to medium sized Systems.

We will run a service health check make sure your system has the correct equipment parts matched to its demands.

Once we have your permission, we can take you through the issues to resolve the faults in your solar installation. Only then will we be able to ascertain the issue or fault with any equipment parts. Solar panels, cables, switches, inverter, and connections. The output calculated against the solar panel size. If a fault is found then we will advice a solution to repair that fault. This will cost a nominal amount which will be refunded should the replacements parts be purchased through our web site.
If you have a solar thermal system, we will ask you to check the pressure. If the pressure is low we will check the reason/s. We will look at the overall system and advice on solar fluid, pump control equipment parts etc. We will make sure these are matched to work seamlessly. If a fault is found we will advice a solution to repair the fault.

Solar breakdown service
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