Solar Car Park Lights


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Most car parks are in remote un-adopted areas where mains power supplies
are not available; this creates problems in security and ultimately health and
safety issues where the ground may be uneven or pot holed.

We offer this bespoke semi-industrial/commercial lighting systems that is designed for many score years of life.

To combat this we
provide a range of high quality solar powered car park light products from luminous
flux options of 12w and 18w which offer the pedestrian a safe passage in
evening and times of darkness.

carpark path lighting systems  

PDF link: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 120115 bespoke multi-directional solar lighting system

The option to provide bespoke semi industrial long life products, these are available to correspond with
your needs. We make all bespoke modifications in our UK factory. The mechanical structures of each light have working life span of 12 years plus.

Solar car park path lights 12v P.b or lithium battery powered | LED | Luminous flux

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