Solar clearance battery kits

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Huawei hybrid inverter c/w HV 5kwh battery | Sunsynk hybrid inverter c/w 5.32kwh battery | Growatt hybrid inverter c/w 6.5kwh battery | Sunsynk hybrid inverter c/w 5.12kwh battery

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Sunsynk Inverter + 3.5kwh battery packsSunsynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter, c/w 3.5kwh Pylon lithium battery pack (IP20) including cables£2,155.00£1,795.00
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Sunsynk indoor battery storage systemSunsynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter, c/w 5.32kwh lithium battery pack (IP20), including cables£2,850.00£2,450.00
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Sunsynk home inverter and battery packSunsynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter, c/w 5.12kwh lithium battery pack (IP65) including cables£2,825.00£2,425.00
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Self consumption battery storage kit for new 4kw solar panel systemsGrowatt 3.6kw hybrid inverter, c/w 6.5kwh lithium battery pack, including (BMS) cables, Wifi stick£3,450.00£2,550.00
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Huawei HV battery and 5kwh inverterHuawei 3.6kw hybrid inverter, c/w 5kwh lithium battery pack (HV), including (BMS) cables£3,650.00£2,995.00
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Within this page we are offering solar stock that is in A1 condition.

Solar clearance battery kits

Reduced at knock down prices.

They needs to go because, we need the space for new equipment arriving.

Grab a bargain, as once it has gone it will not be available at this price again.

Sorry, but we do not offer installations, only product sales.

Solar panel home system with or without battery storage

Growatt solar battery storage kit data files for (IP65 applications)

Can use two strings of panels with recommended 6,600 Wp

(PV voltage range 120-550 V)

Huawei installation diagram

Huawei solar battery storage kit data files for (IP66 applications)

Can use two strings of PV panels with recommended 5,520 Wp

(PV voltage range 100-600 V)

Sunsynk solar battery storage kit data files for (IP65 outdoor & IP20 indoor applications)

Can use two strings of PV panels with recommended 7,000 Wp

(PV voltage range 150-500 V)

Can be used to work along side existing grid tie inverter. This will convert your existing into battery storage facility.

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