Solar Eclipse Power


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Did you know.

During the recent solar
Eclipse PV panel voltages only dropped by 15% 

Breath measured the iridescence during the recent solar eclipse and found that
that heat was the only thing to drop dramatically.

This goes to show you that the Voltages in solar panels are still very
high during Sun set times. 

Always measure voltages and current before disconnecting any supply during

Temperatures dipped down
to 5 degrees while the sun’s rays were obscured, Theses reductions happened for
approximately 20 minutes until the moon had traveled across the Suns surface. 

Electrical readings when
using a 75w solar panel showed that the system voltage was 19.5v just before
the totality, during this event the readings dropped to 16.5v. This provided
valuable information into diagnostics and understanding cloud or partial
daylight with module power generation.