Solar fixing designs


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Benefits of dealing with Dragons Breath, we can offer solar fixing designs.

  • Our technical knowledge
  • 20 Years in business
  • Our total installation help
  • Items are designed to match customer
  • Our after sales support
  • We offer help to our customers with a consultancy service
  • We provide where needed instructions for
  • We offer warranties for all products
  • Our equipment is designed for UK
    weather and conditions
  • We solve problems for our clients

Our company are in the position to
offer design services for on-roof solar panel requirements. The fixing of systems
is sometimes complex in material parts. In these cases we can provide a full
list of component materials, and the on-roof design specification. This is
determined by the specific location and building needs.

This service is for those who then want
to have the material parts listed individually with the layout and structural
specifications included.

If you do not want to consider this service then all
of the material parts are available individually through our web site solar
panel fixing parts
. We also have a separate page for those customers who
just want to purchase a kit
with all materials
ground mounted
kit with all materials

We ask questions to make sure that we
fully understand your request, only then can we look into the package
size, balanced against various constraints. Measuring your needs correctly
the information we offer will be tailored directly to match your

This fixing calculation will be priced for one hours help. A refund is available when the customer purchases all equipment parts specified through our company.